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'Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed' ~ Gandhi

We all affect and are affected by our environment, and no matter who we are or where we live, all are subject to the laws of nature. Ultimately, our own survival depends on the survival of our planet. We all depend on nature to provide us with what we need to survive, and nature depends on us to simply give back at least as much as we take, so as to preserve the earth and its natural resources for future generations. We all depend on one another, nature, and the natural resources of earth to survive, so all are essentially obligated to preserve our planet, in exchange for life, as we know it.

One must first assess the resources used individually and the resulting environmental impacts we have on our planet, so as to make changes that are more conducive to an environmentally sustainable, frugal, self-sufficient, independent lifestyle. Such changes might include:

  • Reducing, recycling and reusing, to help reduce waste
  • Environmental conservation, to help preserve the earth and its natural resources
  • Eco-friendly, frugal buying decisions, to save money, reduce the ecological footprint, increase self-sufficiency, and help to support green companies that manufacture, distribute and sell the products and services we need and want more of

It is understandable that few can afford to make such changes all at once, and that not everyone knows just where to begin. Indeed this is quite apparent when for example, an environmental activist drives their brand new gas guzzling SUV to an event organized to promote green living. Nevertheless, affordable green living is more than possible if we but take it one step, one day, and one person at a time.

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