Energy Efficient Space Heater

Ontel Handy Heater Heatwave parabolic space heater with ceramic heating technology
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Page Graphic This safe and efficient electric heater provides 350 watts of smart heating power to heat up to 250 square feet using Ceramic Heating Technology for maximum energy efficiency. This heater features a 15" Radiant Dish for energy efficient heating with Auto-Off Tip Over Protection and a Cool Touch Housing for the ultimate in personal safety. This heater plugs into any outlet for instant warmth anywhere. Its digital temperature display and On/Off timer allow you to customize settings for your own personal comfort. With the Handy Heater’s compact and portable design it's perfect for travel. Take it with you wherever you like to keep warm.

Solar Hot Water Heater
MISOL Solar evacuated tube hot water heater
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Sprouting Lids
Easy rinse and drain plastic sprouting lids for wide mouth mason jars – 6 pack
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Alcohol Fuel: Making And Using Ethanol As A Renewable Fuel
The essential how-to book on making and using ethanol as an alternative renewable fuel.
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Understanding Environmental Pollution
Understanding Environmental Pollution eTextbook Kindle edition
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Ceramic Houses And Earth Architecture: How To Build Your Own
Authoritative manual describes how to build arches, domes, and vaults with earth, as well as techniques to fire and glaze earth buildings to transform them into ceramic houses.
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