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Natural Remedies Charts
While it may be possible to prevent nearly any illness or disease with a healthy lifestyle, at some point, some form of imbalance, injury, infection, toxicity or degeneration is likely. Many forms and methods of natural holistic healthcare and healing, such as magnetotherapy (using negative magnetic fields), chromotherapy (using colors), hydrotherapy (using water), oxygen therapy (using oxygen), phytotherapy (using plants), aromatherapy (using essential oils from plants), and some promising newer medical technologies, such as stem cell therapy (using stem cells) and immunotherapy (via regulation, stimulation and/or suppression of immune response), are therefore available today. Informational resources are also now widely available, such as the following list of common (and some uncommon) medical conditions, each with a brief description, along with foods, nutrients, herbs, phytochemicals, metabolites, and other healthy, affordable, natural home remedies for holistic body system support and medical treatments. Other informational resources however, do not seem as simple yet thorough as that provided here.


  • Multiple remedies often provide more effective, synergistic results, than the same quantity of one remedy alone
  • Conserve energy for general healing with more rest, water, enzymes, and electrolytes (acidic and alkaline nutrients), less food and exercise

Safety Precautions

  • Permanent conditions may be managed, but not necessarily cured
  • Potentially fatal conditions should be diagnosed and treated by a qualified medical professional/s
  • Any remedy, even a seemingly harmless one, may be harmful or fatal if one is allergic to it -- so always start with a minimal dose (about 1/4 to 1/2 of that recommended for your age and weight) to prevent allergic or other reactions, especially if you are unsure how your body will react to the chosen remedy
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