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Homemade Health Products: Liquid Lecithin
Foods, herbs and other natural substances may be prepared in a variety of different ways, which may be used for aromatic, nutritional, medicinal and many other purposes. See below for information on producing your own natural remedies, green cleaning supplies, non-toxic personal hygiene and other natural homemade health products.

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Liquid Lecithin

Like bile, lecithin acts as an emulsifier to mix fat and water soluble liquids in the bloodstream. Lecithin is also commonly used as a natural degreaser in shampoos, dish soap, laundry soap and other such products because as an emulsifier, it is both water and fat soluble. Whole, unrefined soybeans are the best vegan source of lecithin. If soybean oil is allowed to stand, a yellow colored solution settles to the bottom of the container. This is the lecithin, which can be separated and dried, or used as is in liquid form.
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