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Natural Remedies
If the people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny. ~ Thomas Jefferson

According to the FDA, only drugs and surgery can prevent, treat or cure disease. It is against federal law to advise, prescribe, market, advertise or sell anything but drugs or surgery as 'medicine', and in many states it is illegal and punishable by law to use natural cures to heal yourself or others. As usual, the primary reason for such illogically biased laws, is for the financial benefit of those who profit from them. The FDA for example, receives substantial amounts of money from drug companies in exchange for drug patents, with the exclusive legal right to market, advertise and sell their patented drugs as 'medicines'. Yet more than half of all the drugs approved by the FDA are later proven to have unsafe or even fatal side effects, which are often conveniently not reported until long after the drugs have already been widely used and profited from.

Given that foods, nutrients, herbs and other natural remedies are not (nor should be) an invention of man, they cannot be patented, nor owned or controlled by any single person or company. Those who sell natural medicines are thus forced to mislead the public with a disclaimer on the labels of all their natural medicinal products, and in marketing and advertising campaigns for those products, which informs the public that their products 'cannot prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease'. Yet it is well known that all modern medicine is in fact, derived from and based on the natural remedies and healthcare of our ancestors, which has and continues to prove such statements completely false.

Misinforming The Public

Medical information is easily confused and manipulated in a variety of ways. In mainstream medicine for example, isolates of natural substances are commonly referred to as if they alone are the whole substance from which they were obtained, when it is well known that most natural substances are composed of many various isolates, which may work very differently when isolated than when together. Many common medical conditions, such as heartburn, obesity, stress and depression, are also frequently redefined as 'diseases', which increases regulation, control, and thereby profits from pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, and other allopathic mainstream medical products and services. True results of paid medical research conducted by 'leading experts' are also easily distorted, by adding to, omitting, or completely fabricating the findings, and then using this distorted version of the truth as so-called 'proof' that natural remedies either don't do what they are claimed to do, or are dangerous because they supposedly cause or increase the risks for (fill in the blank).

Natural remedies are also commonly excluded from statistics, whether they work or not. The number of cancer patients who die each year due to conventional cancer treatments as opposed to those who die of the disease itself, are likewise excluded from most statistics, making it appear as though conventional cancer treatments are actually effective, when in fact, more cancer patients die from conventional cancer treatments than from cancer. We are informed that chemotherapy, radiation, surgical removal of tumor and cancer cells, and screening methods such as x-rays, mammograms and needle biopsies, help to prevent, treat or cure tumors and cancer, when in fact, all such drugs and methods actually increase the risks of developing and spreading tumors and cancer. But cancer generates over $200 billion each year and is one of the most profitable industries in America, so truly preventing or curing cancer does not seem to be in the best financial interests of those making a living from cancer patients. If suppressing the truth about natural cures isn't enough to deter the use of something other than drugs or surgery as medicine, the media is often used as a quick, simple tool, to feed the masses with whatever medical propaganda and other disinformation that is most profitable.

Take Two of These And Hope You're Alive In The Morning

In modern medicine, a substance known to have medicinal properties is usually isolated from a plant, then processed, refined, likely dyed, and combined with a number of toxic synthetic chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients, in order to produce a pharmaceutical drug. At least 250,000 people die every year from the use (not misuse) of pharmaceutical drugs, and this does not take into account medical expenses, complications or deaths due to the dilution and resale, misuse or abuse of illicit, over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drugs. Nearly all drugs have side effects that are as harmful or worse than the original symptoms, such as addictions, infections, intoxication, cancer, and even death. Drugs that are approved by the FDA, prescribed by allopathic physicians and sold by pharmacists also have a lethal dose of 50%, which means that 50% of all experimental animals have died or will die from their use. Pharmaceutical drugs in fact cause more diseases than they cure, as they are intentionally designed to treat the symptoms of illness, injury and disease, but not the cause -- which inevitably leads to the use of more and more drugs.

Today's Allopathic Medicine

The goal of mainstream allopathic medicine is apparently no longer to prevent or cure disease, but rather to prolong ill health using drugs or surgery to treat symptoms, without first addressing the cause. Allopathic medical communities as a whole, are no more interested in disease prevention, than manufacturers are in manufacturing products that never need to be replaced -- after all, repeat customers are most profitable. Clearly drugs are not made so that people will never have to buy them again. Ultimately, drug companies, pharmacies and drug dealers all make a living via the same basic method, which involves dealing dangerous drugs, and getting customers hooked, so they keep coming back for more. The only difference between drug companies, pharmacies and drug dealers then, is that drug dealers don't get a college degree to show off their training, or a license to sell harmful drugs legally.

Due to medical mistakes including misdiagnosis, surgical errors and prescription drugs (taken as prescribed), allopathic medical industries are now the leading cause of death in the US, followed by heart disease and cancer. It has been estimated that we have an average 40% chance of being misdiagnosed, and about a 20% chance of being prescribed the wrong drugs, or the wrong dose of drugs. On the other hand, it has also been found that we have an average 30% chance of being healed via the placebo effect (which is based on our own belief in the ability of a substance to help us heal), and another 20% chance of being healed by prayer (which is based on our belief in the ability of divinity to help us heal). Medical emergencies aside, we are therefore just as, if not more likely to be healed by the placebo effect and prayer combined, as we are to be healed by commercial allopathic healthcare, yet such industries continue to be extremely profitable, so long as people are not truly healed.

Naturopathic and Holistic Healthcare

Foods, nutrients, herbs, and other natural remedies were the medicines of our ancestors, and are still used as such by the natural healthcare practitioners of today. Natural remedies tend to be non-invasive, inexpensive, simple to produce and use at home, and aside from their medicinal properties, have little to no side effects (so long as they are not combined with pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, or illicit drugs). While natural cures tend to take longer to produce the desired effect, they are also gentler on the body and often more effective than their toxic, synthetic, pharmaceutical counterparts. Naturopathic, holistic healthcare and medicine is primarily based on preventative healthcare, which generally relies on:
  • The body's ornate ability to heal itself, so long as it is in a state of homeostasis (balance)
  • Symptoms as a primary diagnostic indicator, for diagnosing the causes of symptoms, so as to treat the cause as well as the symptoms
  • A safe, holistic, natural approach to preventative and curative healing

Naturopathic And holistic healthcare also includes physical, as well as mental and emotional (psychological), and in some cases religious and spiritual aspects as part of the overall natural disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and healing process. A patient's physical lifestyle, psychological health, and even their personal values, religious or spiritual beliefs could for example, be considered by a naturopath to be both a potential cause or cure of any imbalance, which could potentially cause or cure any infection, illness, injury or disease.

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