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Disease Prevention
Many of the so-called 'diseases' we have today are self-inflicted. Animals in the wild do not get sick unless due to major injuries and even then, it is unusual. Humans on the other hand, are probably the only animals in nature that will knowingly and even purposely poison themselves. How lucky it is for us then, that living bodies such as our own happen to be self organizing, self regulating, self healing organisms that if given the proper tools and environment, can prevent and heal virtually all infections and disease.

The Cause and Cure of Every Disease

The most fundamental principle of natural health and disease prevention is that all living beings have the capacity to heal themselves. Natural health and immunity does not require the use of drugs, toxins or surgery but instead makes use of this natural ability, which ultimately depends on one very simple thing: balance, or homeostasis. Aside from genetic predisposition and injury, all infections, illnesses and degenerative diseases are caused by imbalances, and can therefore be cured by achieving and maintaining a state of homeostasis. Balance and moderation are therefore the key to optimum health.

There are 8 basic imbalances that can inhibit immunity and detoxification, which can increase susceptibility to infections, illnesses, and eventually degenerative diseases, including all forms of cancer. These 8 imbalances include excess stress or toxins, PH imbalances, excess or lack of rest, sunlight or nutrients, excess exposure to polluted air, and an excess or lack of exercise. A state of homeostasis can thus be achieved and maintained with 8 simple health factors:

  • Stress Management
  • Detoxification
  • PH Balance
  • Cyclic Rest
  • Daily Sunlight
  • Healthy Diet
  • Clean Air
  • Regular Exercise

Share the Health

These 8 simple health factors can prevent and treat imbalances that can increase susceptibility to infections, illness and disease. Though these health factors are all too often underestimated for their simplicity, they can be used to achieve and maintain a state of homeostasis, to build, maintain and restore health and wellness naturally. They can be used to heal and overcome nearly every medical condition there is. Even a risk of developing medical conditions associated with genetic predisposition can be greatly reduced or even eliminated simply by achieving and maintaining a state of homeostasis. So long as the body is in a state of homeostasis, the immune system is strong enough to prevent an overgrowth of pathogens, organs and systems of detoxification are able to neutralize or eliminate toxins effectively and efficiently, and medical conditions caused by imbalances other than pathogens or toxins are unlikely. Even with so little control over the genetic weaknesses one is born with, it is actually possible to reduce the risks of passing on genetic weaknesses to our children and theirs, simply by achieving and maintaining a state of homeostasis, and teaching our children to do the same. If professional healthcare still for some reason becomes necessary however, nutritionists, herbalists and/or other natural holistic health care practitioners who do not use drugs or surgery are a safer option for medical treatment than most allopathic physicians and surgeons (except of course, in the case of a medical emergency).
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