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Green Travel
Throughout history, the transportation of everything from goods, people and animals to food, water and other resources has become a necessary amenity in our daily lives. In the past, transport was limited to that by foot, row or sail boats, sleds and horses or other working animals. Now we travel by rail, road, water or air in a wide variety of machine powered vehicles, all of which continue to improve as time goes on. Now it takes much less time to get from one place to another, a lot of weight can be moved by a single vehicle, we can ask the vehicles we drive for directions, and every form of transportation available today is used nearly as much for sport as it is for transport.

Current Transportation Systems

Transport systems have long been a major source of environmental pollution and negative health effects. On average for example, current transportation systems account for about 20-25% of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, worldwide. In the US, electricity that is not produced from eco-friendly, renewable resources accounts for about 22% of greenhouse gases, while transportation accounts for about 40%. As the use of private transport increases, petroleum based oil resources are further depleted, and pollution from transportation increases. Something like this can only go on for so long, before something or someone gives. If the means of transport we use isn't renewable, environmentally friendly, affordable, and independent of foreign oil, fuel prices will continue to rise as our oil resources continue to dwindle, and leaders will continue to make decisions for entire countries based on their dependency on other countries for fuel, resulting in a global spiraling effect on the environment, fuel economy, transportation industries, the transport of food, water and other necessities.

Sustainable Transport

While sustainable transport may have begun as a grassroots movement, it is now of great significance not only to like minded individuals, but also to nearly every nation in the world. Due to the negative environmental impacts, health effects and financial costs of traditional transportation systems, renewable fuels, alternative vehicles and other transportation alternatives are now in high demand. Improving access to green, affordable transport for everyone, including those who cannot drive or have such low incomes they cannot afford to, is now one of the top priorities of many. Clearly the more of us there are using eco-friendly, economical, self-sufficient forms of fuels, vehicles and transportation, the more of us there will be to reduce pollution, support related markets and industries, and the more affordable such products and services can be.
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