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Green Building
One way or another, most of us spend a good portion of our earnings on housing, whether it be in the form of rent, lease or purchase payments. Many rent or lease a home, which can be an excellent choice for those seeking temporary housing. Renting or leasing is usually quicker, easier and less expensive (in the short-term) than buying or selling a similar home in the same area, while property taxes, insurance and maintenance are the responsibility of the owner. Yet renting or leasing does not however, typically provide options such as reconstruction, remodeling, or in many cases, paint stripping, repainting or recarpeting. In addition, any home you rent or lease is not, and never will be yours after any amount of time or money spent there, although some owners do provide a lease to own option.

Buying Or Building A Green Home

Renting or leasing is but a temporary housing solution, with payments that never end until one moves away, with nothing to show for one's time and expense. Purchasing real estate on the other hand, is an investment that can provide permanent housing, which typically costs less (in the long-term) than renting or leasing, and can be rented, leased or sold at a profit in the future. Unlike those who rent or lease, land and home owners can build, furnish, remodel or rebuild for the most part, as they see fit. Land owners can also use eco-friendly, affordable, sustainable, alternative construction methods and materials to remodel existing structures, build their own green homes or other buildings, which would be a big step towards green, affordable, self-sufficient living.
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