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Green living doesn't have to cost an arm an a leg, and the amount of income one receives need not be as important as how efficient one is with its use. Environmental conservation alone could help save enough of the resources we already have, use and pay for, to provide us with the means to start living green. In the same way that an electrician regulates and directs the flow of electricity, we can likewise regulate and direct the flow of our incomes -- into our own desired paths, rather than the desired paths of others.

'Whoever controls the money in any country is master of all its legislation and commerce.' ~ President James Garfield

Our governments and political systems tend to take much time, money and red tape to bring change, which depends on the beliefs, opinions, choices and actions of the majority. Individuals on the other hand, are able to make individual choices and change their own lives to a great degree, without waiting for the majority of everyone else to agree to make such changes. Individual consumer spending habits and lifestyles can for example, have a huge and immediate financial impact on local, national and global markets and economies. It is individual consumer choices, spending habits and lifestyles that determines what each person buys, and so, which markets, products, services and companies individuals support. The more people there are to buy and invest in natural, renewable, eco-friendly, affordable products and services, the more companies there will be to produce, distribute and sell those products and services, and the lower their prices are likely to be.

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