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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the overall purpose of the Eco-Nomics website?

A: Originally, Eco-Nomics started with a need to organize an overwhelmingly large amount of information that had been gathered (from books, research of others, personal experience and other sources), researched and written on thousands of pages of paper, but was also scattered and disorganized. All was transferred to floppy disks (yes, the big flat ones from the dinosaur days), later all moved to CD, then to flash drive. Having it all on file made it much easier to add, find, update and delete content. Yet there was so much content, that it had to be broken up into individual sections, subsections and files. After that, it was no longer necessary to search through thousands of papers to find a single note, but one still needed to know what section, subsection and filename a note would be found in. An offline website was therefore built, so as to make it possible to navigate sections, subsections and pages via links, without knowing exact filenames or locations. As the site began taking shape, the potential benefits such information could provide freely online for others who are interested in affordable green living, and for the environment, became more apparent. Informational content in the original offline version of the site was therefore researched again (to ensure that information provided would be as accurate and up to date as possible), rewritten, condensed, simplified, and uploaded to the web for all online to access, apply, share with others, and benefit from freely.

Q: What are the benefits of learning and applying information provided at Eco-Nomics?

A: Eco-Nomics provides information and resources that are intended to make affordable green living possible and simple for anyone. Sustainable, economical, self-sufficient living is an investment in the future of earth and its natural resources, for all the inhabitants that depend on the natural resources of the earth to survive. Natural, green, sustainable lifestyles reduce the ecological footprint, and so contribute to the preservation of earth and its natural resources for future generations to come, which is a benefit to us all. So long as earth and its natural resources are available and accessible, nature provides all that is needed to survive and live in comfort, for FREE. With time and practice, green living can be simple, frugal, pay for itself (environmentally and financially), increase self-sufficiency, and thereby increase true freedom and independence.

Q: How much does it cost to go green, and where do I begin?

A: Sustainable, economical, self-sufficient living is an investment in the future of man, and in the future of our world. Surely it would cost much less to start living green now, than it would cost in the future to do nothing at all. While it does take time, money, and effort to learn and apply eco-friendly, self-sufficient living practices, it can be done at your own pace, one affordable step at a time. Reducing, recycling and reusing resources we already pay for but waste can for example, reduce the amount of money spent on wasted resources. These savings add up and can be used to save even more money, which can be used to begin sustainably excluding the middlemen we pay to provide us with what nature provides for free. If maintained, a sustainable, frugal, self-sufficient lifestyle tends to result in a continual accumulation of environmental and financial savings over time, and thereby pays for itself in the end.

Q: Do you sell green products and/or services of your own?

A: No. Eco-Nomics is a free, information based website, not a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or retail outlet. Services at Eco-Nomics, such as information, related product or service recommendations, links to related green company websites and other informational resources provided, are shared freely.

Q: Can I submit related links to list in the Eco-Nomics Links Directory?

A: Yes. Anyone can submit a related link to list in the Eco-Nomics Links Directory.

Q: Can I submit related articles, recipes or other informational content to post at Eco-Nomics?

A: Yes. Anyone can submit related articles, recipes or other informational content to post at Eco-Nomics.

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