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Clean Water
Everyone needs safe, clean drinking water, and water for purposes such as domestic use (i.e., washing laundry, bathing, cleaning, cooking, etc.), industrial use, mining, thermoelectric power (used in generating electricity with steam driven turbine generators), irrigation, aquaculture and agriculture (farming, gardening, livestock, etc.).

The Water Cycle

Earth is comprised of about 70% water, the lifeblood of this planet and all living upon it. Water is naturally recycled and purified via the water cycle. As the sun drives winds and heats the ground, waters of the earth all its inhabitants, surface water, and some groundwater, is evaporated and transpired into the air as humidity or fog. When water vapors in the air increase until the dew point or maximum level of saturation (i.e., humidity) is reached, it either rains or condenses on cool surfaces, or in the upper atmosphere, later falling to the earth as precipitation in the form of rain, sleet, hail or snow.

Freshwater Shortage

Though we are blessed with such a vast amount of water on this planet, most of it is in the form of sea water. Of the 2.5% fresh water on earth, two thirds is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps, while roughly 0.3% is in the form of surface water such as lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. What little freshwater remains is available in the air and atmosphere as fog or humidity, found underground via wells, springs and other groundwater sources.

Water Conservation and Clean Water Sources

Despite such an apparent lack of fresh water, with some simple water conservation and recycling practices, one could save up to 95% of the water currently used, and still have the water needed for general everyday use. Nearly, if not all water sources can also be collected, filtered, purified and stored in water storage containers, to provide a potable water supply. Clean drinking water can even be obtained from seawater, with an added bonus of sea salt as a by-product of seawater desalination.
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