Going With The Talent Flow

A chapter in Oregon is guided by the genius of its members
May 03, 2021 | Electric Auto Association

Page Graphic Phil Barnhart, the President of the 2-year-old Emerald Valley Electric Vehicle Association (EVEVA) in Oregon, has learned in his career to turn the talent that comes his way into an asset. That’s how he navigated the 18 years he served in the Oregon House of Representatives, where he marshalled the help of environmental and clean energy organizations to pass a remarkable number of pro-electric vehicle (EV) bills that became state laws and/or regulations. And that’s how he runs the EVEVA now.

“We’re very lucky with the Emerald Valley chapter in that we have so many great members who are very imaginative and very active,” Barnhart said. “Together, they go a long way toward broadening our reach and our capacity. My job is to help and comment and then get out of the way.” Chapter member Sid Baum is a case in point. In addition to co-running a 50-acre family farm outside Eugene with her husband, she’s been an advocate for everything EV, including farm equipment. Most recently she has spearheaded efforts to include electric tractors in the list of EVs eligible for state rebates.

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